There are things you can do to improve and have more success working from home. Listed below are a few tips that will help you:

1. First, find the best place in your home to work. Some may already have designated office space in their homes, others don’t. If you don’t, you should find a space that can be stable and allow you to access as many of the work tools you need on a consistent basis. That includes your printer, paper files, etc. The fact is workers are finding all types of places to work in their homes. One of the scientists that worked on the Mars Mission admitted to a reporter that she found space in her laundry room to set up her workspace.

2. Use technology tools that will help you to be more efficient and ease your workload. Visit sites like to get ideas about technology that can contribute to your efficiency.

3. Optimize the use of work apps on your phone. There are apps that help track the hours you work and provide space for your notes, that can help you with many areas of your work.

4. If you also have children in remote school, carve out a space for them as well. Much of what you need for working from home, they also need. Having a designated space helps to improve productivity and concentration.

5. Have all the right tools that you need in a well equipped office. That means everything from computer, printer to paper clips. If you work for a business, negotiate with your boss to get the tools you need if you don’t already have them.

6. Create a schedule, post it and follow it.

7. Eliminate distractions. A plus for working from home is often the flexibility. The downside is also the flexibility. Don’t fall into the trap of responding to needs outside your work realm if you have not included that in your schedule. Ignore errands and household chores unless you have wrapped up work for the day.

8. Take frequent breaks – stand up, take a walk, dance, do yoga – anything to get the heart rate up and shake out those muscles. Investing in a fitness band can remind you to move.

9. Take virtual meetings seriously. If you host meetings, use the best tools. That means the tool of choice should be easy for you to use and easy for your audience to use. Use your computer for your virtual access as opposed to your phone and keep your video on. If you mute your video, you might as well have a conference call as muting your video defeats the purpose. At the same time, mute your audio and raise your hand when you want to speak. That helps to eliminate speaking over someone. Set an agenda to limit meeting wander. Set your view to gallery to have a greater number of participants in view. Take advantage of virtual backgrounds.

The good news is that working remotely has not had as detrimental an effect on some businesses. In most situations, the increase in working from home has created increased demand for some tools that would not have been there otherwise. In addition, many workers report that they are more productive working from home.

Distractions from coworkers and the time spent commuting have been reduced or eliminated. Ultimately, working from home can contribute to your overall success.

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